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  • Upscale Photos using Neural Enhance online

    Neural Enhance is a fantastic Machine Learning Showcase. It let’s you upscale photos by ‘inventing’ details using machine learning. Neural Enhance provides a docker container for easy deployment. However, for non-technical people (with slow computers) this might be a bit tricky. That’s the reason why I created a web app which lets you use the basic functionality […]

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  • Pushing Data to Elastic Search in Apache Camel

    There are several options how to push data from within a camel route to elastic search. If your goal is to additionally pipe your data which goes through a route into Elastic, the Wire Tab Integration Pattern comes in handy. Camel-http4 & Camel-Jackson This option is my personal preference. For everything but POCs / prototyping, I recommend this approach. […]

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  • Visualize Talend Service Activity Monitoring using SAMvisual

    The subscription version of Talend ESB comes with so called “Event Logging“.  Event Logging can give you valuable insight into the activity of your platform. Especially if you also use Service Activity Monitoring (In Short: SAM) – In combination with Elastic Search and Kibana. However, the feature set lacks some kind of “High Level Visualization”, showing the web service flows across […]

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  • RescueBomb – A multiplayer “Bomberman” / “Rescue the princess” game. Written in Java and Vanilla Javascript

    This year, PRODYNA hosted a company-internal Hackathon. All employees of our branch (Switzerland) were divided into teams of three to four members. The teams then received a couple of tasks. One of this task was the creation of a simple game. The required features were: Maze Generation and a controllable player character with a ‘goal’ […]

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  • Reviewing SSH Activity using Elastic Search / Kibana

    Keeping an eye on your server’s SSH activity from time to time is recommended. I created a dashboard using Kibana/Elastic Search to quickly review and potentially identify any suspicious activity. It is available on github (https://github.com/aymenfurter/kibana-sshactivity/). It is split into two sections. One sections gives you the general SSH Activity (e.g. failed login attemps). The […]

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  • Orchestration on Talend ESB using Apache Camel & Apache CXF

    Orchestration is a key feature of every modern ESB. According to wikipedia, the definition goes: Orchestration is the automated arrangement, coordination, and management of computer systems, middleware, and services When we are talking about SOA, Orchestration means usually to simplify multiple webservice calls – which may or may not depend on each other – behind an easy-to-use […]

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  • Building a Thunderbird Addon

    Recently I released the first experimental prototype of the JIRA Integration Plugin for Thunderbird on Github. Developing something like this was a small adventure. Due to the unpopularity of Thunderbird these days, you might be the first one encountering a specific problem. Also, the Tooling is not remotly as good as for comparable platforms. Tooling Your […]

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  • Integrating a Angular2-CLI based Application into a Maven Build Process of a Servlet based Java Application

    Recently, I’ve made attempts to integrate a Angular 2 based Web UI for the Apache CXF Fediz IDP into the existing Maven Build Process of the project. The easiest way to do this is to utilize the exec-maven-plugin, directly invoking npm and ng commands.   Using the argument –output-path, the output directory can be specified. […]