Building a Thunderbird Addon

Recently I released the first experimental prototype of the JIRA Integration Plugin for Thunderbird on Github.
Developing something like this was a small adventure. Due to the unpopularity of Thunderbird these days, you might be the first one encountering a specific problem. Also, the Tooling is not remotly as good as for comparable platforms.


Screenshot from 2016-10-30 16-14-32
Your life-saver tools are Error Console and DOM Inspector. Using the DOM Inspector, you can quickly search for elements, identify which of the elements are anonymous, and what their properties and names are. This comes especially handy when creating XUL Overlays.

The Error Console is essential, since it gives you an easy way to access error messages and execute basic JavaScript commands.

Mozilla Add-on “Store”


Publishing into the Mozilla Add-on “Store” is a piece of cake. The process is clear and quick. Also, in comparison to the App Store or Google Play everything is very transparent. (They even give you your current number in the add-on review queue). There is an automated and a manual review part. (Similar to the App Store)

The Project

Often, when I receive an Email it ends up as a task for me. I do use a private JIRA to organize my general todos and private software projects. To get better tracking for these tasks, I decided to create a small and simple Add-On to directly create JIRA Tickets based on a E-Mail from within Thunderbird. Now, I am able to just right click on an Email to create a JIRA Task on my private JIRA Instance. Never again will I forget about an important E-Mail someone sent me!