RescueBomb – A multiplayer “Bomberman” / “Rescue the princess” game. Written in Java and Vanilla Javascript

This year, PRODYNA hosted a company-internal Hackathon. All employees of our branch (Switzerland) were divided into teams of three to four members. The teams then received a couple of tasks. One of this task was the creation of a simple game. The required features were: Maze Generation and a controllable player character with a ‘goal’ field. Also, a client and server had to be implemented.

The team I was part of came up with: RescueBomb!

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Key features:

  • Client<>Server Communication using WebSockets
  • Maze generation based on randomized prims algorithm
  • Multiplayer capability
  • Enemies, wandering around in the game world. (They currently don’t hurt you.)

Demo can be played on:


Herrmann Schweizer – Implementation of Maze Generation (Randomized Prims algorithm), Server side

Patrick Lüthi – Implementation Server side (Java)

Aymen Furter – Implementation Client side (JS)