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  • Upscale Photos using Neural Enhance online

    Neural Enhance is a fantastic Machine Learning Showcase. It let’s you upscale photos by ‘inventing’ details using machine learning. Neural Enhance provides a docker container for easy deployment. However, for non-technical people (with slow computers) this might be a bit tricky. That’s the reason why I created a web app which lets you use the basic functionality […]

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  • Orchestration on Talend ESB using Apache Camel & Apache CXF

    Orchestration is a key feature of every modern ESB. According to wikipedia, the definition goes: Orchestration is the automated arrangement, coordination, and management of computer systems, middleware, and services When we are talking about SOA, Orchestration means usually to simplify multiple webservice calls – which may or may not depend on each other – behind an easy-to-use […]